PMSL Pressure-Wave-Edges

PMSL-edges are the most used transmitters for the pressure–wave–system.

Upon actuation, a volume is expelled to produce a pressure wave.

Obvious advantages:

  • Very soft rubber material (PVC)
  • Air proofed (100% hermetical)
  • Flexible endpieces


Each PMSL-Edge has a transparent PVC-tube 2×4 mm, which is mounted 35 – 40 mm from the end at the bottom and has a length of 150 mm attached with a straight coupling.


Max. tube length:

The max. length of the tube 2×4 mm to the switch should not be longer than 10 m, because otherwise the response time will increase.

Overtravel distance:                          Max. length of the profiles:

Typ A       =   ca. 20 mm                         ca. 5 m

Typ B/BS =   ca. 15 mm                         ca. 4 m

Typ C       =   ca.   5 mm                         ca. 4 m

Typ D       =   ca.   1 mm                         ca. 3 m

Other length can be used, but the sensitivity will be at a lower standard and the response time will increase.

All types can be delivered also with open ends:
Max. packing unit:

Typ A = 6/7,5 m  / Typ B/BS/C = 30 m  /  Typ D = 6/7,5 m

Mounting rail (Aluminium profiles):

Typ AP1

A=36mm, B=18mm, C=22mm

For PMSL-Edge type A

Packing Unit: 6 / 7,5 m

Typ AP2

A=25mm, B=10mm, C=13mm

For PMSL-Edge type B/BS/C

Packing Unit: 5 m

Typ AP15

A=15mm, B=8mm, C=6,5mm

For PMSL-Edge type D

Packing Unit: 5 / 6 m

Other types on request !

PMSL Pressure-Wave-Edges